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What are the benefits of sound vibrational therapy?

Sound therapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses vibrations and sound waves to promote healing and relaxation.

One of the main benefits of sound vibrational therapy is that it can help to balance and align the body's energy centers, also known as chakras. When our chakras are out of balance, it can lead to physical and emotional issues such as fatigue, stress, and anxiety.  Sound vibrational therapy helps open your body up to recieve health, wellness, and success. 

What should I expect from my first session?

During your remote sound vibrational therapy session, I will be using various forms of sound, such as singing bowls or tuning forks, to create vibrations to address your specific energy needs.  During your session, you will occupy a comfortable, quiet place of your choosing where you can remain undisturbed, free from any electronic devices or other interruptions. Most clients report a sense of calm and relaxation, or actually fall asleep, during and after the session.

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

Your session will be most productive when you are relaxed state of mind, in a comfortable position, in quiet area, free from any electronic devices or other interruptions..  It is recommended that you identify an appropriate place to receive your treatment well in advance of your session (to avoid any stress just prior to your session).  Then, 5 to 10 minutes prior to your session, enter your space, get comfortable, and relax. 

I feel that I have experienced personal challenges and have struggled to achieve success - can sound vibrational therapy help? 

I believe that when your body's energy field is out of balance, it can lead to physical and emotional issues such as fatigue, stress, and anxiety.  These negative states and emotions can lead to "self sabotage", often preventing a person from achieving their true potential..  I believe that your mind and body must be properly prepared to achieve and to accept success.  Sound vibrational therapy helps to balance and align the body's energy centers, allowing you to be your best self,

What types of challenges are clients typically looking to overcome?

Clients come to me for many reasons, but a common reason is that they feel "stuck."  Clients may be working on a big project, and feel that they don't know what to do next.  Some clients have issues with their personal relationships and are seeking increased self-understanding to help resolve the situation.  Some clients desire  self-improvement, feeling like they have never achieved their highest potential and they don't know why.  Some clients know that they feel a bit "off", and are looking for the reason.  Some clients haven't dealt with past issues, and this affects their energy field and how they process new situations.

Do you help treat terminal or chronic illness?

Remote healing is not a substitute for conventional medical care.  As a remote healing practitioner, I believe that when your energy body is vibrating properly, you are able to receive the full benefits of any treatments that you are receiving and that your body will be at its peak capability for fighting off illness or disease.

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